Vickers Machine Gun (Jacketed Barrel)
Vickers Machine Gun (Jacketed Barrel)

Vickers Machine Gun (Jacketed Barrel) 1:4 Scale


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Our 3D printed machine guns make a superb scale accessory for RC model WWI fighter aircraft. The models come as kits that are easily assembled and painted to give your model the armament that is such a prominent feature of these aircraft. The kits come to you straight from the printer so may need a little work to remove any swarf before assembly and finishing. Fine detail such as sights can be added if required. They are available in 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6 scale. Please note that the guns are sold singly, but some model plans require them to be fitted in pairs.

Vickers Machine Gun (Jacketed Barrel)

The Vickers machine gun became the standard armament of British and French WWI military aircraft. It was heavier than the Lewis Gun, but could be synchronised to fire through the propeller arc. Used on aircraft the water cooling system was unnecessary. but the jacket was retained, emptied of water and had gills cut in it to allow cooling air to be forced through it.

1:4 Scale
MW3467 RAF SE.5a
MW3290 RAF SE.5a
MW2011 Sopwith Pup

1:5 Scale
MW2248 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
MW2042 Sopwith Camel

1:6 Scale
MW3455 Bristol Bulldog
MW2020 Bristol Scout
MW3442 RAF SE.5a
MW2036 Sopwith Camel


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