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Our vast range of model aircraft plans has been accumulated from the UK’s leading R/C model magazines for close on 50 years! Stocking brilliant plans from the likes of Brian taylor, Duncan Hutson, and Sepp Uiberlacher plus many more. Click here to view all our airplanes

Choose from our huge range of expertly crafted model boat plans, parts and laser cut wood packs. Many of our unique plans have a large selection of accessories, like white metal fittings, hulls, laser cut wood packs and more. Click here to view all our boats

Plenty of inspiration for your next model engineering project, be it a working locomotive, an internal combustion or steam engine. We also offer a wide range of model railway plans, scenery and accessories and much more. Click here to view all Engineering & Trains

A Bespoke Quality Plastic Vacum Forming Service!

We make bespoke motorsport, sailing, medical, model making, plastic products and many other custom items. Here at Sarik Vac-Forming we can make your quality products and items in low and medium runs cost effectively.

We have been trading for over 30 years and are on hand to provide a quality and competitive service for all your vacuum forming and precision laser cutting needs. We are experienced in our fields and are passionate about what we do, so whether you need ‘one off’s’, or multiple items, we are ready to help you with your latest project!

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The home for the worlds best R/C Model Aircraft Designers including:

Brian Taylor, Dennis Bryant, David Boddington, Duncan Hutson, Chris Williams, Philip Noel, Sepp Uiberlacher and many more…..

Our plan designs featured in RCM&E, RC Model World, Radio Modeller, Quiet & Electric Flight and RC Scale Magazines

Proud suppliers of Model Boats and Marine Modelling Magazine plans

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We're on a mission to get more modellers building model aircraft and enjoying the process of flying your own home built model! What do you think the biggest challenge is for model builders? ... See MoreSee Less


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Time and accessing supplies.

Building wings!!

Economics, time, and space for building

When your young it’s money. I was so afraid of crashing I hardly flew. Now I’m older and it’s time.

Work space!

For a noobie it’s finding good information and a mentor. If you can handle the challenge online information is bountiful but for some hands on instruction/mentoring is better.


Not having local model shops to go to for materials and advice. Local model clubs don't advertise their existanxs

Time and supplies

This is one thing I don't understand, people always say they don't have time to build. Why? I work full time and can do long hours. I'm married and I have 2 young kids. Both under 8 but I always make a point of getting out in the shed at least 1 or 2 nights a week for 2-3 hours to build. The attached picture is of a 1/4 scale DH Moth Minor that has taken me about 2 years to build. It's almost ready to cover. Yes I could have built it quicker but like everyone else I'm time poor but like I said I always get out and do just a little every week. You've gotta get ya butt off the lounge away from the TV for a couple of hours and get it done hahaha 😁

Choosing something to build that suits both your flying skills and style.

I think time is the biggest factor. Then it's having the motivation to finish it. As I can get bogged down with the build. We all have half finished projects in the workshop. Plus for the artf brigade it's a damn site quicker result to get something airborne.

lack of comitment, people want everything now and are not prepared to put the effort in.


Finishing what they started, have the confidence to complete the project.

Landing !!!


Model types, quite happy to build funfighters and other small quick stuff but my other passion larger petrol 3d machines and there's no way i could build one of those as strong and light with all the carbon reinforced balsa etc and as for the covering it's a work of art .

My two post Christmas builds

And my artf 35cc 3dhs extra.

Instant Gratification it's called. Seen it when I did Motorcycle scrambling many moons ago.


Laying the first piece of balsa and learning the basics.


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Whats your favourite Jet Aircraft? ... See MoreSee Less


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Avro Vulcan..



ME 262


Jet provost


F-4 Phantom

F4 phantoms all types

F104 Starfighter


F-15E Strike Eagle


Lockheed sr-71 blackbird

F18 hornet


F-4 Phantom

English Electric Lightning..

RF-4B Phantom II

F-14 Tomcat for me 👍


Aj37 viggen

Horten HO 229

SR-71, A-10 warthog, B-1 bomber, F-15, F-16, F-14, F-4, and the F-22.

F-4E Phantom II

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1 day ago

Model Boat Builder

Check out our many White Metal Boat fittings for those finishing touches!
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2 days ago

Model Boat Builder

What’s your favourite boat or ship to model? ... See MoreSee Less


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The one(s) I am currently working on. 😉

Bluenose or sternwheelers

Nearly any of them, with a square bow...

Modern racing yacht !!

17th century yachts.

DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class.

Working ships

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