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0-6-0 Tank Locomotive: Twin Sisters (Plan)

A 38 sheet plan By J L Austen-Walton for an accurate 5″ gauge scale coal-fired model of the Fowler LMS 0-6-0 Class ‘2F’ dock tank locomotive with outside cylinders. Suitable for the more advanced builder.

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Full Description

This comprehensive set of plans consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement
Sheet 2 Details of frames
Sheet 3 Springing system for trailing axle
Sheet 4 Springing system for leading and driving axles
Sheet 5 Coupling rods
Sheet 6a Steam brake gear (1)
Sheet 6b Steam brake gear (2)
Sheet 7 Axle driven feed water pump
Sheet 8 Sanding gear
Sheet 9 Connecting rods, crossheads, draglink, motion plate and bearings
Sheet 10 Details of cylinders and steam chests
Sheet 11 Frame stretchers 1-6
Sheet 12 Axles, axlebox es and roller bearings
Sheet 13 Brake hanger brackets, guard irons and couplings
Sheet 14 Wheels, balance weights and tyres
Sheet 15 Details of horn cheeks
Sheet 16 Diaphragms and running board brackets
Sheet 17 Guide bars, expansion links , radius rods, combination levers, union links , eccentric rods,
return cranks, valve spindle guide block
Sheet 18 Main steam and exhaust pipes
Sheet 19 Valve spindles, guide brackets, weighshaft and linkage
Sheet 20 Buffer beams, buffers. 
Sheet 21 Cylinder drain cock system
Sheet 22 Pole reversing lever
Sheet 23 Hand brake operating gear, sight feed lubricator details
Sheet 24 Details of boiler parts. 
Sheet 25 Boiler accessories
Sheet 26 Details of firehole door, grate, and ashpan
Sheet 27 Details of superheater, steam and water pads on boiler
Sheet 28 Smokebox details
Sheet 29 Smokebox door ring, dome and safety valve casing
Sheet 30 Details of platform, steps, etc
Sheet 31 Water gauge fitting
Sheet 32 Details of side tanks and fittings
Sheet 33 Details of poppet valve regulator
Sheet 34 Details of combination fitting (injector steam valve, brake valve and water delivery clack, LH and RH)
Sheet 35 Details of safety valve, water delivery manifold and blast nozzle
Sheet 36 Cab details
Sheet 37 Details of water valve, blower, sanding valve, cab details
Sheet 38 Fixed and removable bunker

SAVE 10% on Selected Plans!


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