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Using 2.4 gear isn’t rocket science, but you need to be much more careful in your installation, antenna placement, power system, and range checking as compared to standard FM radio gear. If you’re just starting to use 2.4 radios or are ready to upgrade your older FM gear, this DVD will teach you the skills needed to install and test your system correctly.

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Although primarily aimed at gliders and electric sailplanes flyers, you will find this DVD helpful in using and installing 2.4 systems in any R/C aircraft.
Even though the new 2.4 gigahertz digital radio systems have been out for a few years now, there is still a tremendous amount of misunderstanding of how these radios work and how to install and run them properly. While the Internet is good for some 2.4 information, many myths, rumours, horror stories and just plain wrong information abound, making it difficult for those who are changing over to the new systems to make wise purchasing and installation decisions.
This DVD features the four major 2.4 radio systems: Airtronics SD-10G FHSS-3, Futaba 12FGA FASST, JR/Spektrum’s 11x DSM2, and Hitec’s Aurora 9 AHSS.
You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of each system, as well as binding procedures, antenna placement strategies in carbon aircraft and proper range checking with troubleshooting. You will also learn how to avoid receiver black-outs and reboots by installing a high energy power system with either Nimh or the new LiFe cells. There is also a section about properly using 2.4 systems with regulators and BECs.
The coolest part of the 2.4 Clinic is when we take each radio system and display its output on a spectrum analyzer to see how each DSSS or FHSS system uses the 2.4 spectrum. This eye-opening demonstration will help you decide which 2.4 system is the most reliable. The answer may surprise you!
You will also see demos of binding procedures for all the brands and check out installs of some 2.4 systems in various composite gliders including fail-safes. We’ll also take the systems to the field, and learn how to do a thorough range check to ensure your first flight is a safe one.
Things You Will Learn More About:

How 2.4 Spread Spectrum Works
Radio Comparisons
Proper Power Set Ups
Antenna Installations
Range Checking
Receiver Binding Trouble Shooting
Set Failsafes
2.4 in Electric Gliders

Running Time: 105 mins.


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