2m – Oratex – Dark Blue


Iron-on type polyester fabric covering ideal for all scale models, large scale models and historical models.

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Oratex Dark Blue

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Full Description

Key Features
  • Easy application with 5% shrinkage in both directions.
  • Creases can easily be removed.
  • Excellent adhesion (double that of conventional coverings).
  • Remarkable strength and fabric stability.
  • Fuel and oil resistant.
  • Accepts paint or varnish if desired.
  • Available in 8 attractive colours.

Product Description

The preferred choice for discerning model builders all over the world, Oratex has five key points in its favour. The first is easy application, due to its suppleness and a shrinkage of 5% in both directions. This makes Oratex easy to apply around corners and edges and means creases can quickly be removed with a heat gun. The second is excellent adhesion, the bond being almost twice as strong as that of other fabric coverings. Third is a remarkable strength and stability. Forth is its protective seal, the surface of Oratex having been treated to make it fuel and oil resistant. You can, of course, paint or varnish it if you wish, but there is no need to do so. Finally, there are eight attractive colours to choose from. When you think about it, it’s little wonder that Oratex is so highly regarded.


  • Weights & Dimensions
    Shipping Weight0.30kg0.66lbs
    Product Width600mm23.62in
    Product Length2,000mm78.74in
    ColourDark Blue


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