3-way Monoplane (52″) – Laser Cut Wood & Depron Pack


Laser cut wood & Depron pack for this 52″ span monoplane multi-functional sports aerobatic biplane, from Depron sheet for 3 or 4-function R/C and a 400 Watt motor. Designed by Anthony Bennett.

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3-way Monoplane (52″)

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3-Way is a multi-configuration all Depron model designed by Anthony Bennett for use with two wings and one fuselage to create a 3 or 4-function model powered by a 400 Watt brushless outrunner with a 3S 2200 mA LiPo. Have some fun with this 3-in-1 hi-winger, low winger or biplane, and minimise the models you carry for a good day’s flying.Aircraft wood packsPlease note an aircraft wood pack consists of the ribs and formers for the model. You will need to source additional strip wood and balsa from your local modelling materials supplier to complete the model. Check out our strip and sheet Balsa packs at <a href=”/search?q=Balsa+Wood”>sarikhobbies.com!</a>


  • Designer: Anthony Bennett
  • Power Source: 400 Watt Outrunner 40 Amp ESC
  • Battery: 3S 2200 mA LiPo
  • Length: 42″ / 1068mm
  • Weight: 2 lb. 11 oz. (monoplane) 3 lb. 4 oz.(biplane)


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