Perma-Grit Cutting Disc 32mm Diameter with Arbor

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Designed to replace fragile stone discs, this tungsten carbide cutting disc from Perma-Grit fits Dremel and other hobby drills. It can be used to cut Perspex, all composites, woods, ceramics, stone, piano wire and vacuumed formed mouldings. Recommended by EAA workshops for cutting aircraft canopies.

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Larger Cutting Disc 32mm (1¼”) diameter, complete with 3.1mm (1/8”) stainless steel arbor (M3 thread).  Kerf / width of cut 2 mm approx. Very controllable, cut a radius or straight. Tip:- Cut against the spin for greater accuracy & control. Fits Dremel, Proxxon, Flexi drives, hobby drills & Gerbil vacuum form trimmers. Virtually unbreakable steel cutting discs, tungsten carbide grit welded to the edge.

Tough enough to cut piano wire, (aeromodellers use this for under carriage legs) fibreglass, Perspex, plastics, woods and ceramics.  RPM 5,000 – 20,000.


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