4th International Model Circus – Giant RC Model Aircraft – DVD


Join us at the 4th International Model Circus. This year’s show attracted the very best pilots and the most impressive R/C model aircraft from across Europe.

Full Description

Held on the historic and attractive Aerodrome de Cerny near La Ferté Alais in France, this friendly and well-organised event just keeps getting bigger and better! The huge crowd enjoyed three days of spectacular flying and superb entertainment, and whether just enjoying the show or shopping for models and accessories, IMC 2011 truly had something for everyone. In this DVD we have captured the heart of this fantastic event, so prepare your self for over an hour of superb flying from some of Europe’s finest R/C aviators. Highlights of the flying display included:

• A very impressive electric powered Airbus A-400M, complete with parachute drop • Superb flying by Franck Schroeder with his big Dassault Rafale M • The sound of three Moki radial engines on the Ju-52 flown by Hannes Heppe • The first ever R/C model turbofan engine by Wren Turbines

• Twin turboprops on Lucian Gerard’s OV-10 Bronco • The spectacular performance of a Me-163 Komet flown by Jan Horak • Eric Rantet’s immaculately finished 1/3rd scale Fouga Magister • The sheer realism of Frans Tanghe’s 6 metre wingspan Boeing PT-17 Stearman

Gliders, jets, turboprops, helicopters, scale, sport, internal combustion, electric, turbine – whatever your interest, you’ll find something here to entertain and inspire you! Running Time: 70 mins.


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