A-4 Skyhawk (36″) – Short Kit (Set)


Plan, laser cut wood pack and PETG canopy for this 36” span, two-function power scale slope soarer designed by Phil Cooke and Matt Jones

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A-4 Skyhawk (36″)

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This 1/12th scale PSS A-4 Skyhawk model was designed by Phil Cooke and Matt Jones as the subject of the Power Scale Soaring Associations 2016 Mass Build venture – if you are a budding slope jet pilot and would like to experience the thrills this division of scale slope soaring has to offer why not join in and take part!?  The 2 sheet plan details a conventional, fully built up model.  It spans 36” uses 2 channel R/C and has a flying weight of 2.5lbs.  With its proven stability and performance it can be flown by anyone with aileron experience on the slope.  The A-4 wood pack provides the builder with over 80 preformed parts, laser cut to enable quick, accurate assembly with only some additional balsa sheet and strip stock needed to complete the airframe ready for covering.  The framed vac-formed canopy lends an accurate finishing touch to this scale slope model.  Operated by air arms around the world there is a huge array of Skyhawk schemes and variants to choose from – the Mass Build event in September 2016 promises to be quite a spectacle!  Visit  www.pssaonline.co.uk for further details.


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