A Trip Around the World – Patchwork, Quilting & Applique book – by Gail Lawther


In this 112-page, full colour book, Gail Lawther takes inspiration from the designs, patterns, textures and colour schemes of different regions of the globe. She shows you how to turn these wonderful colours and styles into a stunning selection of projects, suitable for quilters of all levels. With 100s of diagrams, patterns and photographs, there’s plenty to give your inspiration a truly international flavour.

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Contents Chapter 1 – Looking around Chapter 2 – Developing patterns Chapter 3 – General instructions Chapter 4 – North America & Canada: trip around the world; fall wall-hanging; pattern library. Chapter 5 – Central & South America: San Blas cat; Inca sun; pattern library. Chapter 6 – Australasia: lizard footstool; pattern library. Chapter 7 – The Orient: Mandarin ducks; Sashiko firescreen; pattern library. Chapter 8 – India: crazy patchwork boxes; pattern library. Chapter 9 – Middle East: Christmas star; pattern library Chapter 10 – Central Europe: fruit cushion; hearts photograph album; pattern library. Chapter 11 – Africa: zebra quilt; Egyptian wall-hanging; pattern library. Chapter 12 – The Mediterranean: mosaic mirror; sailing boat; shadow-quilting tablecloth; fluer-de-lys breadcloth; pattern library. Chapter 13 – Scandinavia: Christmas cards; table ribbons; pattern library. Chapter 14 – Artic & Antartic: herb sachets; Aurora borealis mirror; pattern library. Chapter 15 – The British Isles: Celtic herb pillow; sewing bag and pincushion; pattern library.