Accurate Model Aircraft Detailing – Scale Model Aircraft DVD


Accurate Model Aircraft Detailing, with Angus Creighton.

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Distinguished modeller, author and illustrator Angus Creighton demonstrates his detailing techniques as he shows us how to get the best out of basic kits by creating his own modifications, enhancements and effects. Only with expert exterior detailing is it possible to create the perfect model aircraft from a kit straight from the box. From panel lines to aerials, it is the enhancement of the kit, and addition to it, that can lift the final model to the highest class of complete accuracy and quality. In close-up detail we look at scribing fuselage and wing details, producing accurate leading edge slats, lights, aerials and undercarriage assembly including legs, brake lines, lightening pockets and a great deal more. DVD extras: • Profile of Angus Creighton • Model panorama • List of products used or recommended • Sources and references