Advanced Building Techniques Volume 3 – RC Scale Model Aircraft DVD


Volume 3. By deliberately choosing the most complicated and challenging subject he could think of, Dave expected, and encountered, difficult problems and shows us how to meet them head-on.
Approx 2 hours

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Advanced Building Techniques series by Dave Platt

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With a list of hitherto unrevealed methods , and a willingness to try something else when the first plan falls short , we learn that anything can be achieved by going about it with care and enthusiasm. Dave Platt’s response to the challenge posed by the Toledo Weak Signals provides fresh and fertile ground galore. The Advanced Building Techniques series chronicles a large number of new aspects of scale modeling, including : ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. Half-shells off the bench Removing formers Testing half-shells together Servos fitted in rear Covering of shells interior Hiding servo pigtails Unique wing mounting Removable elevators Aligning elevator hinges Custom engine built Fiberglass cowl process Canopy frame blocks Cowl ‘gills’ Exhaust pipes Cowl exterior details Cowl mounting Klass-Kote introduction Lay up canopy frames


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