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Aerosport Quail


A 48” span version of the single-seat home-build aircraft rescaled to 1:6 by Roger Vaughan for economic brushless motors and 4-function R/C

Full Description

A simple 48 inch span design of the single-seat cabin monoplane home-build aircraft rescaled to 1:6 by Roger Vaughan that is suitable for beginners and experienced modellers to build in wood from the two well detailed plan sheets. Suits an economic 1500Kv brushless motor and 4-fucntion R/C with a flying weight of just 40 oz. WING SPAN:  48 in. /  1220 mmLENGTH:   31½ in. / 800 mmWEIGHT:    40 oz / 1120 gWING AREA:    340 sq. in.WING LOADING:   17 oz/sq.ft.SCALE:   1:6MOTOR:  Suppo 2217 1500KV brushless 40A ESCMOTIVE POWER: 8” x 4” prop 3S 2200 mA LiPoRADIO FUNCTIONS: 4


  • Designer: Roger Vaughan
  • Wingspan: 48 in. / 1220 mm
  • Power Source: Suppo 2217 1500KV brushless 40A ESC


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