A 54” span electric powered scale model of the Japanese dive-bomber, designed by Chris Golds

Full Description

Utilising his well proven moulded balsa skinning technique, fully described in the comprehensive building instructions that accompany each plan, Chris Golds presents a warbird with a difference – the Aichi D3-AI of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Codename ‘Val’. WING SPAN: 54” / 1372 mm LENGTH: 41.5” / 1054 mm WEIGHT: 79 oz (2240 g) MOTOR: MVVS 3.5 / 1200 (? rpm/V) Brushless (?W) MOTIVE POWER: 40 Amp ESC 10”x 7” Master Airscrew prop RADIO FUNCTIONS: 7 (throttle, elevator, aileron, rudder, flaps, dive brakes, bomb drop)


  • Designer: Chris Golds
  • Wingspan: 54″ / 1372 mm
  • Power Source: MVVS 3.5 / 1200 (? rpm/V) Brushless (?W)


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