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It’s easy to add scale realism to your models. Using the easy to follow methods presented in this DVD you can discover how to use an airbrush and learn simple and effective airbrushing techniques to add artwork and stand out finishes to your models.

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In ‘Airbrushing Techniques: Scale Models’, Frank McKinney shows how the skilful and imaginative use of airbrush and paints can create a world of subtle and varied finishes on all types of scale model. His step-by-step guide includes preparation, planning and the innovative use of sometimes surprising equipment and materials to arrive at a finish to be proud of.


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Created for modellers who are looking to build up their skill levels when using an airbrush, this 70 minute-long programme takes you through painting a working, scale RC Tiger Moth from preparing the bare wood and plastic to adding that last decal. The techniques you’ll master are quick to pick up, easy to use and will reward you with a model that’s as much of a pleasure to look at as it is to fly.

Multi-Tip All Purpose Airbrush Kit

This simple to use airbrushing kit is a must-have for all your modelling needs.

Spraycraft Easy-to-Use Airbrush + Introduction to Airbrushing DVD

This handy Airbrush is ideal for spraying larger areas with quick broad coverage, and detailed work by using stencils & masking tape/film. Matched with ‘Introduction to Airbrushing’ this set makes the perfect combination.


Full Description

Introduction to Airbrushing DV129 / GP-DV129 / DV129HD

Airbrushing Techniques: Scale Models GP-DV129 / DV129 / DV133HD

Airbrushing Techniques: Project Tiger Moth GP-DV130 / DV130 FF07 / DV130HD


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