Airbrushing Techniques: Project Tiger Moth – DVD (Includes Focus File CD (FF07))


Created for modellers who are looking to build up their skill levels when using an airbrush, this 70 minute-long programme takes you through painting a working, scale RC Tiger Moth from preparing the bare wood and plastic to adding that last decal. The techniques you’ll master are quick to pick up, easy to use and will reward you with a model that’s as much of a pleasure to look at as it is to fly.

Running time: Approx 70 mins.

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Full Description

Join professional airbrush artist Frank McKinney as he shows you how you can use an airbrush to create a perfect scale finish with a handful of really simple painting techniques. Using reference images of the the famous Tiger Moth G-AGPK, Frank will walk you through each stage for painting your model.

Master the 11 simple steps:

  1. Prepping surfaces ready to paint
  2. Applying colour sequences
  3. Using reference photographs
  4. Masking simple and complex shapes
  5. Avoiding over-spray and paint bleeding
  6. Applying even coats of paint
  7. Adding additional detail
  8. Painting the inside of the cockpit
  9. Retouching and repairing faults
  10. Adding simple printed instrument panels
  11. Designing, printing and applying custom decals

There’s a FREE photo reference DVD containing 60 detailed images of of the Tiger Moth G-AGPK to help get you started. Plus you’ll find all of the decals that Frank uses in the DVD as an image file on the disc, ready for you to print them off and use.

All that’s left to do is say congratulations on completing Project Tiger Moth! It’s now time to hit the flying field to show off your scale perfect model and, of course, your brand new skills when it comes to using an airbrush!

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