Akula Plan


Roger Wheddon was inspired by the beautiful C/L models of the Ukrainian Yatsenko brothers when designing his latest R/C aerobat. Akula is the result

Full Description

Roger Wheddon wanted a sturdy model of 55 inch span to suit his OS 55 AX. Roger admits to being influenced by the beautiful control line models of the Ukrainian Yatsenko brothers and Akula is named in recognition. It means shark in Ukrainian/Russian.


  • Designer: Roger Wheddon
  • Wingspan: 55″ ( 139.7 cm )
  • Power Source: .52 – .56 cu in, OS 55 AX or equivalent, prop 12″ x 6″
  • Length: 47″ ( 119.38 cm )
  • Weight: 3.35 kg ( 7.3854858 lbs)


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