Alley Cat


48” span aerobatic model for .30 FS engines or .20 to .25 two strokes designed by Peter Miller.
Designed to be very easy to build. Very light and remarkably tough.

Full Description

Small, lightweight models powered by .30 four-strokes are remarkably good fun. Nineteen days after putting pencil to paper and Peter Miller was waiting to test fly the 48-inch span Alley Cat.From that you will see that it is quick to build.
WINGSPAN: 48″ (1219 mm)WING AREA: 450 sq inWING LOADING: 16 oz/sq ftLENGTH: 37″ (940 mm)WEIGHT: 51½ oz (1460 g)RADIO FUNCTIONS: Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, RudderENGINE RANGE: .20 – .25 cu in two stroke or .30 cu in four strokeENGINE USED: SC 30 FS PROP: 9” x 6” Master


  • Designer: Peter Miller
  • Wingspan: 48″ (1219 mm)
  • Power Source: IC Propeller


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