Archaeopteryx Plan RC2080


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Archaeopteryx Plan RC2080 

Originally designed and built by brothers John and Francis Granger during the late twenties, this aircraft can probably best be described as a parasol fl ying wing plus fuselage, without horizontal stabiliser. Named Archaeopteryx in homage to the Westland Pterodactyl series, which inspired the design of this unusual aeroplane, the essence of this remarkable design was to fi nd a machine that would be very safe to fl y. Using a 32hp Bristol Cherub I, the 30’ (9.1m) span, 616 lb (279kg) machine was anything but overpowered. Moreover, lateral and pitch control was achieved by using rotating wingtips acting as elevons – a quite revolutionary design feature at the time.


Name: Archaeopteryx 

Model Type: Vintage parasol flying wing

Designed by: Dick van Mourik 

Wingspan: 90" (2280mm)

Fuselage length: 51" (1300mm) 

All-up weight: 9.75lb (4.43kg)

Rec'd engine: O.S. Gemini FT-120/Laser80
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