Art Journaling 3 BluRay – Paper Craft / Rubber Stamping Blu-Ray


Art Journaling 3 – Bold Backgrounds
Following the success of her Art Journaling 1 and 2 BluRays, Kate Crane presents another superb set of BluRays  to take your art journaling into an exciting new world of multi-layered colour and texture.

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Full Description

In Art Journaling 3 – Bold Backgrounds, Kate creates seven stunning backgrounds using her trademark bright and vibrant colours. Shown step-by-step in real time, with details of the equipment and materials used, you can easily follow along.

Kate explains her thought process as she uses acrylic paints, ink sprays, stencils, rubber stamps, gesso and pastels to create balanced, cohesive, yet uncluttered backgrounds.
Simple, but effective, mixed-media techniques include blending, sponging, spraying, stencilling, spritzing and scraping and rubber stamping.
By the end of this DVD Kate finishes the backgrounds she needs for Art Journaling 4 – Personalised Pages, where she then adds the layers, details, images and journaling to make each page a deeply personal piece of art.

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