Aveling And Porter Road Roller TE14


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Designer: John HainingStar Rating: A type AD Compound Steam Road roller, 2in scale By John Haining. Sheet 1 Details of boiler, steering saddle and chimney, steering fork, roll axle and shoe blocks.Sheet 2 Hornplates, smokebox door, crankshaft bearings, rear axle bearings, cylinder layout, crosshead guides.Sheet 3 Details of cylinders, pistons, covers, valves, cross-heads, crankshaft, flywheel, connecting rods, eccentrics and eccentric straps.Sheet 4 Section on rear axle, layout of valve gear, details of feed pump and striker gear.Sheet 5 General arrangement of steam roller, firedoor and firebars.Sheet 6 Front and rear rolls, arrangement of road gears, regulator and safety valves.Sheet 7 Steering gear, driving gears, rear axle, details of tender.Sheet 8 Details of tender, water tank, exhaust arrangements, regulator control and reverser.Sheet 9 Details of awning, piping arrangement, layout of steam fittings, cylinder drain cock gear.Sheet 10 Details of brakes, driving pins, lagging and cleading, ashpan details of painting and nameplates.Sheet 11 Mechanical lubricator, plan of valve gear and frontplate.Complete set of 11 sheets.


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