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Avro Lancaster (38.2″) – Additional Wood Pack

Additional Wood Pack for this PSS design by Gordon Studley and Martin Gay, who offer up their small 1:32nd scale model of the famous WW2 four-engine heavy bomber.


Made to order


  • Name: Avro Lancaster
  • Model type: PSS glider (optional twin electric)
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Designed by: Martin Gay & Gordon Studley
  • Wingspan: 970mm (38.19”)
  • Length: 660mm (25.98”)
  • C of G: 49-54mm back from L.E.
  • Suggested motors: 2 x HyperFlight MM1908-2050 w/rear mount
  • Functions (servos): Ailerons (2), Elevator (1), Optional ESCs for throttle

Control Throws

  • Ailerons: 10mm up, 6mm down
  • Elevator: 7mm up, 7mm down
    (All measurements taken from the trailing edges)

Full Description

A simple solid wing design of 97cm span, of approximately 1:32 scale, that may be laminated up utilising balsa pieces from the workshop scraps bin! The fuselage was designed around a vertical central keel, with the option of sheeting/planking with 2.5mm balsa or alternatively infilling with blue foam. The plan shows three different versions of the aircraft allowing the builder to construct either the standard aircraft, the Dambuster version or the Grand Slam bomber.

“It was surprisingly agile, with a good speed range, whilst remaining controllable at all times”

Flying:- The plan shows the calculated CG at 49-54mm from the leading edge. After test flying, this was adjusted to 56mm from the L.E. However, the designer likes his slope soaring models to be responsive, so start with it around the 52-53mm range. The model test flew at Westbury, in Wiltshire, on the steep Bratton slope in winds of about 12mph. The model has subsequently flown at a PSSA event on the Great Orme, Llandudno in winds up to 35mph with great success. This is where the flying photos were kindly taken by Phil Cooke. It was surprisingly agile, with a good speed range, whilst remaining controllable at all times. It would even perform non-scale manoeuvres such as loops and rolls.

Link to purchase the electric setup:

What’s in an Additional Wood Pack?

Our Additional Wood Packs contain MOST of the necessary sheet and strip wood needed to complete a model being built from a Sarik Hobbies plan and using the associated Laser Cut Wood Pack, if available. We stock a wide range of balsa, ply and spruce in popular sheet and strip sizes but even so we cannot guarantee to be able to supply all the wood necessary to complete each model. So some additional purchases may be required from other modeling wood stockists if not available from Sarik Hobbies. Our Additional Wood Packs only contain balsa, ply and spruce wood in the stock sizes as used by our suppliers and do not include other materials that may be required to complete the model such as hardwoods, metals & GRP sheets. CLICK HERE for further information & our FAQs

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