Avro Lancaster B1 Special (98.5″) – Plan


A 1:12.5 scale model Avro Lancaster B1 Special with a span of just over 8 feet, designed and developed by John Ranson and Trevor Stennard. The design incorporates an abundance of moulded parts available as accessories, that are essential to finish off this model to a distinguishing appearance on the ground and in flight. This is not for the inexperienced.

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Avro Lancaster B1 Special (98.5″)

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Wingspan: 98½” / 2500 mm Radio: 5 function Motors: 4 x Speed 600 Race 


  • Designer: Traplet
  • Wingspan: 98½” / 12500 mm
  • Power Source: 4 x Speed 600 Race
  • Radio Functions: 5
  • Scale: 1:12.5


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