Baby Bolt – P-47 (35″) – Short Kit (Set)


Baby Bolt is a re-work of Clive Smalley’s one-piece bundle of fun. The Baby Bolt set includes the 3-sheet plan, a laser-cut wood-pack of balsa and ply parts, an additional bundle of sheet and strip wood, a plastic moulded canopy and a plastic engine cowl.

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Baby Bolt – P-47 (35″)

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Full Description

Baby Bolt is a re-work of Clive Smalley’s one-piece bundle of fun. The 3-sheet plan shows full construction details for this 1:14 scale 35” span RC model of the famous Republic P-47 Thunderbolt warbird.
The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt entered service with the USAAF in 1941 and became one of its main fighter aircraft of WWII. It was used in both the fighter and ground attack roles in the European and Pacific theatres of operation, and gained a reputation as a tough and reliable aircraft that packed a formidable punch. One of the heaviest fighters of the war, it also served in a number of other allied air forces, including those of France, Great Britain and Russia. P-47s were used by many other countries after the war, some remaining in service until the 1960’s.
Designed for electric power or unpowered for thrilling PSS flying, the model requires 2 – 3 channel radio control. A laser cut wood-pack is available containing most of the shaped balsa and ply parts required, such as fuselage formers and wing ribs, as well as an additional wood-pack containing the sheet and strip wood needed for the model, a plastic moulded canopy and a Plastic engine cowl.

Additional Description
Model type:                                                   Sport scale warbird
Designer:                                                        Peter Simpson
Wing span:                                                     35” (889mm)
Wing area:                                                      1.8sq. ft. (0.17sq. m)
All-up weight:                                                6.5oz (750g)
Wing loading:                                                14.8oz / sq. ft. (4.5kg / sq. m)
Functions (servos):                                        Aileron (2); elevator (1); throttle (via ESC)
Control deflections:                                      Aileron +0.4” (10mm), -0.25” (6mm); elevator +0.3” (8mm), -0.25” (6mm)
Powertrain used:                                          HET typhoon-micro 6/20 outrunner; 7 x 4” prop; 20A ESC; 3S 2200mAh LiPo


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