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Beam Engine Plan M23

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Designer: ExactusStar Rating:Scale 1:12. Overall dimensions: length 13-3/4 in, width 9in, height 8-1/2in (Vols. 121, 122)Sheet 1 General arrangement details of foundations, entablature column and bedplate.Sheet 2 General arrangement of cylinder and steam chest, details of beam, beam-shaft, link, pump and connecting rod studs, also beam, main and valve shaft bearings, crank and crankshaft, connecting rod, flywheel, cylinder and valve.Sheet 3 Details of valve gear, valve eccentric, parallel motion, governor gear, steam valve and water feed pump.Sheet 4 Water feed pump details, countershaft and bearing, pulley wheel, steam pipe, governor bevel gears and main driving gears.Complete set of 4 sheets.


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