Beatrix II


Try tail-less with this easy to build flying wing, designed by Bill Bowne

Full Description

This little tail-less sportster, penned by Bill Bowne, is simple to build and easy to fit out with four channel R/C, thanks to the broad fuselage and open motor bay. For 3S LiPo power set ups.
WING SPAN: 32” / 813 mmLENGTH: 21” / 533 mmWEIGHT: 16 oz (454 g)MOTOR: Skatty 400XT brushless outrunner 1025 kVMOTIVE POWER: Castle Thunderbird 18A ESC, 3S-1250 LiPo, APC 7 x 5RADIO FUNCTIONS: 3 (rudder, elevator, throttle)


  • Designer: Bill Browne
  • Wingspan: 32″ / 813 mm
  • Power Source: Skatty 400XT brushless outrunner 1025 kV


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