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A 92” span electric sports canard slope or thermal soarer for 4-function R/C. Designed by Mike White.

Full Description

This 4-function 92” span sports canard design by Mike White weighs just 90 oz. and has been developed for slope and thermal soaring with additional power from a 480 Watt brushless motor and 3s 2200 LiPo and 12×6 – 13×6 folding prop. The well detailed 3-sheet plans show the built up wing structure as well as foam wings, and includes flaps. Not for beginners.
WING SPAN: 92” / 2335 mmWING AREA: 10 sq. ft.WEIGHT: 90 oz. / 2.52 kgWING LOADING: 9 oz./sq. ft.MOTOR: Thumper 3536/8 1000KV (220-480 Watt) brushlessESC: 40A OPTO min. 3S 2200 mAh 25C LiPoMOTIVE POWER: 12” x 6” – 13” x 6” folding pusher propRADIO FUNCTIONS: 4 : Ailerons, Flaps, Throttle, Elevator


  • Designer: Mike White
  • Wingspan: 92″ / 2335 mm
  • Power Source: Thumper 3536/8 1000KV (220-480 Watt) brushless


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