Bentley Rotary PE33


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Bentley Rotary PE33


Designer: L Blackmore

A 1:4 scale working model by L Blackmore.

Sheet 1
Sectioned general arrangement of engine with keyed description of main components.

Sheet 2
Crankcase, cylinder bolts, cam box, thrust box, thrust box cover, crankcase boring and facing fixture, propeller shaft, propeller flange, front bearing carrier, cylinder head drilling jig, bearing retainer, ball groove form tool, table of ball bearing dimensions.

Sheet 3
Magneto shaft, crankshaft, cylinder head, main gear, crankshaft sleeve nut, crankshaft locknut, thrust box bearing assembly, big-end locking collar, master connecting rod, slave connecting rods, cylinder barrel, cylinder liner, cylinder head fixture, cylinder barrel finishing jig, chucking system for cylinder barrels, seven sketches of machining set-ups shell mill for valve guides, cutter for valve spring locating ribs, cutter for exhaust cage.

Sheet 4
Exhaust ring gear, inlet ring gear, cam gears, valve timing diagram, tappets, push rods, rockers and rocker posts, inlet and exhaust valves and valve springs, pistons, gudgeon pins and wrist pins, induction pipe and elbows.

Sheet 5
Central support, distributor disc, sparking plugs, magneto arrangement and details, carburetor, oil pump and oil tank.

Sheet 6
Details of propeller, engine mounting stand.

Sheet 7
Cambox and Thrust Box details.

Complete set of 7 sheets.


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