Betty MM923

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Full Description

Designer: LBSC

A 2-6-2 outside-cylinder locomotive in 3 ½ in gauge, to the proposed N2 Southern class of 1934, itself a development of the 2-6-0 SE&CR 'N' class or 'Mongoliper'.

Sheet 1
Full side elevation, main and cradle frames, wheels, axles, coupling rods, eccentrics, etc, pump, pony track, trailing axleboxes and springs, frames erected, cylinders.

Sheet 2
Valve gear, motion details, valve gear parts, reverser, lubricator pump, pipework, boiler.

Sheet 3
Smokebox, regulator, superheater, cab, grate, ashpan, running boards, etc, tender, complete.

Complete set of 3 sheets.


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