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BIGTREETECH Mini 12864 RGB Backlight LCD Display Screen / UK STOCK

UK Stock. BIGTREETECH Mini 12864 RGB Backlight LCD Display Screen / UK STOCK


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Full Description

BIGTREETECH Mini12864 V1.0 screen board is a medium-sized, RGB-backed 3D printing machine display board

The size of the Mini 2864 LCD Display Screen is 47*105mm (W*L). Designed for maker base which is suitable for small machines. It solves the problem of ordinary 12864 size installation on small machines. The price is even cheaper than the 12864OLDE and a more user-friendly design! The SD card slot is placed on the front side, which is more suitable for the design of the chassis. After the slice file is placed in the SD card, the corresponding file can be selected on the LCD to be printed 2560 series motherboard, but you need to modify the firmware to support it. Suit for Artillery Hornet 3D Printer

  • The product comes with an encoder, which can realize parameter adjustment and file selection printing.
  • Compatible with Mega 2560 controller board.
(Can’t work with MKSSBASE, MKSSMINI and MKSBASE2.)
  • Support off-line printing.
Package Included:
1 x MINI 12864LCD display
1 x Potentiometer knob
2 x FC cable




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