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UK Stock. BigTreeTech SKR V1.4 Turbo integrated motherboard, Enrich expansion modules stable, easy to use and previewable

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Data: SKR V1.4 and SKR V1.4 Turbo have the same data:

Please see images for all specifications and additional information.

SKR motherboard features:

1) Adopt high-performance MOSFET tube, better heat dissipation effect;
2) The use of pluggable fuses makes the replacement process easier;
3) Reserve BLTouch interface SERVOS and Probe for easy use of BL Touch;
4) Use the power selection design to separate the USB power supply from the switching power supply, effectively avoiding short circuit Causes the computer’s USB port to be burned;
5) The special function interface uses conspicuous pin headers, which greatly reduces the error rate of wiring.
6) Reserved I2C, SPI, WIFI interfaces, convenient for customers to DIY;
7) Reserved closed-loop drive interface, eliminating the trouble of plug-in transfer module;
8) Dual Z-axis interface, eliminating the trouble of external drive expansion module;
9) The thermistor interface is protected by a bile capacitor pressure-sensitive resistor to enhance the resistance of the interface;
10) More fan interfaces: 1 digitally controlled fan, 3 normally open fans;
11) External DC5V power module can be plugged in to supply power to TFT screen, BLtouch.

We also offer the TMC2209 ( , which is an ultra-quiet two-phase stepper motor driver chip with a continuous drive current of 2A and a peak current of 2.8A. Compared to the TMC2208, the drive current is improved by 0.6A–0.8A, while the Blockage increases the stall detection function. Provides up to 256 segments;stallguard4TM stall detection, which can feed back an abnormal signal when the motor rotates abnormally Coolstep current dynamic adjustment, saving 75% of energy.

  • TMC2209–The motor is not easy to lose step; ultra-quiet mode;
  • TMC2209–A large area of thermal pad, reduce the temperature of the driving work;
  • TMC2209–Prevent motor shake;Support stall detection;Support STEP / DIR and UART mode
  • SKR V1.4 Turbo Using 32-bit 120MHz ARM-class Cortex-M3 series LPC1769 main control chip, the performance is greatly improved;1-way CNC fan,3-way Frequent fans.



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