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BIQU H2 V2.0 Extruder Kit / UK STOCK

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BIQU H2 V2.0 Extruder Kit / UK STOCK


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The H2 V2.0 Extruder Kit is the upgraded successor to the H2 Extruder V1.0.

The H2 Extruder V2.0 Compared to its Predecessor V1.0

GearsOrdinary gearsHigh-quality gears made of stainless steel – precise and durable
Heat BreakStainless steel + TeflonUpgraded titanium and copper alloy (all-metal) – excellent thermal insulation
Quick removal of the Heat BreakNoQuick removal with a spanner
Heating blockPhaetusSelf-developed heating block – BIQU T1 heating block (aluminium alloy) + silicone cover


Features of the H2 Extruder V2.0

  • Low weight of only 211g – the DD extruder can even keep up with some Bowden setups with strong hot ends because the printing speed does not have to be reduced too much.
  • Dual-Gear Extrusion – For fast filament feeding and shorter filament paths
  • Upgradable print temperature – The extruder is designed for prints up to 270 ° C, but it can be upgraded to up to 500°C.
  • A unique cooling system through optimised heat sink structure
  • Compatible with a wide range of filaments – The extruder is suitable for both regular and flexible filaments (PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, TPU / TPE).

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