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Britannia LO81

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Full Description

Designer: LBSC

A 3-½ in gauge 4-6-2 locomotive and tender. (Vols. 104-109.) A large and powerful model based on the BR class '7' Pacific. Outside piston-valve cylinder, Walschaerts valve gear and wide firebox boiler.

Sheet 1
General arrangement.

Sheet 2
Mainframe details, stays, buffer beams, hornblocks, coupled wheels, axles, axleboxes, coupling rods, pump and lubricator eccentrics and crankpins, bogie frames, wheels, axleboxes, equalising beams, springs, bogie slide assembly and details.

Sheet 3
Pony truck frame, pony axleboxes, wheels and axles, roller brackets, king-pins, screw couplings, buffers, erection of pony truck and pump, position of cylinders, details of cylinders, piston valves, etc., mechanical lubricator and details.

Sheet 4
Guide bars, crossheads, connecting rods, guide bar brackets, valve crossheads, elevation and plan of valve gear, combination levers and union links, LH. and RH. motion brackets, expansion links and die blocks, radius rods, position of motion brackets.

Sheet 5
Reversing screw and nut, LH. lifting and reversing arms, RH. lifting arm, return cranks, lifting links, eccentric rods, steam brake arrangement and details, boiler and firebox.

Sheet 6
Firebox (further details) and smokebox, footplate fittings.

Sheet 7
Injector, grate and ashpan, pipe connections, whistle valve, blower valve, alternative slide valve regulator, steam gauge.

Sheet 8
Firehole door and details, safety valves, blow-down valve and clack-box, cab and superstructure details.

Sheet 9
Cab brackets, footplate, injector water valve, reversing gear shaft and universal joints.

Sheet 10
Pipe connections, cylinder drains, hand pump clacks, tender and details, tender details, arrangement of driver's brake valve.

Sheet 11
Tender details, hand pump, wheels and axles, brake gear, pull rods, buffers, steps, grab rail.

Complete set of 11 sheets.

SAVE 10% on Selected Plans!


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