Building & Fibreglassing Techniques – Vol. 2 – RC Scale Model Aircraft DVD


Here is Volume 2 with more of Dave’s techniques. Watch while he reveals more tips that will help you build your own “best-ever” scale model.
In this volume Dave completes construction of the fuselage and then shows how to build a wing …. his way.

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Building & Fibreglassing Techniques series by Dave Platt

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Be with Dave in his own workshop where you’ll see his newest original model take shape while you listen to him personally guide you through the whole process. A study of this on going learning series of video tapes will clearly show reasons why Dave’s won more prestigious model awards, Internationally, than any other Scale Modeler … and provide you with the knowledge to build a Nationals level Scale Model. ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. Engine plate Custom mufflers Micro balloons Canopy fairings Cowl fittings On-board glow system Starting the wing Spar assembly Wing jig parts Framing up the wing G-10 trailing edges Landing gear installation Blending wing and fuselage Internal wing mechanisms Frise ailerons Aileron bellcranks Flaps torque rod horns Flap construction/hinging Landing gear doors/hinging Jig the wing for top skins Wing fillets


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