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Buzz 400


A 31” span electric pusher delta for 3-function R/C. Designed by John Blakey.

Full Description

This is a simple-to-build 31” span electric delta with pusher 120 Watt brushless or Speed 400 motor (or can be slope-soarered), for those who want a quick model with a fun flying performance. Construction is all wood. Laser Wood Pack available for ribs and formers. Designed By John Anthony Blakey.


  • Designer: John Anthony Blake
  • Wingspan: 31″ / 780 mm
  • Power Source: A2212-15T brushless (120 Watt)
  • Power Source: Electric Propeller
  • Radio Functions: 3
  • Length: 15″/380 mm (plus motor)
  • Weight: 13 – 16 oz


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