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Canopy and cowl for Corsair

Designed by: Tony Nijhuis
Model Type: Electric Fun Fighters
Tony Nijhuis presents one of his duelling combatants (see RC2035 A6 Zero for companion combat plane) from the W.W.II Pacific Arena. One of the first of Tony's dogfight series to use brushless motors and Li-Po cells, this cracking little model uses an 'off the shelf' powertrain solution that's readily available. Canopy hatches on this aeroplane allows suitable access to the radio and battery. Ideal for a sunday afternoon flying this certainly conjures up imagery of the conflict in the south pacific. Why not buy both plans!

Wingspan: 31 1/2 inch
All-up Weight: 16-25oz
Wing Loading: 15oz/sq.ft.
Fuselage Length: 24 inch
Rec'd Motor: AXI 2208/20 Silverline
Rec'd Battery: 1050mAh 2s1p Li-Po
Rec'd Propeller: APC 8 x 4 inch electric
Rec'd ESC: 10amp (Li-Po compatible)
Control Functions: Aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle.

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