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Classic Multi Purpose Airbrush Kit (Dual Action)

A dual action internal mix airbrush, ideal for both fine details work or rapid overall coverage.



Full Description

The Classic Multi Purpose Airbrush Kit includes: SP50 Internal Mix Airbrush, 2 paint jars – 3/4oz (22cc) and lids; vinyl hose regulator adaptor for air propellant; 300ml air propellant (SP9300), 150ml airbrush cleaner; instructions; Great for use with most paints, acrylics, enamels, inks and lacquers. The Multi Purpose Airbrush Kit has a fantastic dual action internal mix airbrush, perfect for fine details or overall coverage. This kit offers a self-centering nozzle for perfect alignment, along with a fluid control adjustment and exceptional atomisation and precision. You can use this fantastic kit on model aircrafts, DIY, stencilling, toy & sign painting, ceramics, leather work, laquering, and touching up your vehicles. The spray pattern is approx 1.6-38mm.


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