Clean Sweep (36″) – Short Kit (Set)


Short Kit includes Plan, Canopy, Additional and Laser Cut Wood Packs for Tim Hoopers 36″ version of his Sportster with the ability to really clean up the flying field.

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Clean Sweep (36″)

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As featured in RCM&E April 2014
About The Model:
Tim Hooper answers the call for a smaller version on his understandably popular sport aerobat.
Name: Clean Sweep 36 Model type: Aerobatic sportster Designed by: Tim Hooper Wingspan: 36” (914mm) Wing area: 1.6 sq. ft. (0.15sq. m) All-up weight: 25oz (0.7kg) Wing loading: 15.5oz / sq. ft. (4.7kg / sq. m) Functions (servos): Aileron (2); elevator (1); rudder (1); throttle (via ESC) Rec’d powertrain: Turnigy 2826/10 1400Kv motor; 25A ESC; 7 x 5” prop; 3s 1300 – 2200mAh Li-Po


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