Clean Sweep (60″) – Canopy


Canopy for the 60″ Clean Sweep, as Featured in RCM&E May 2013

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Clean Sweep (60″)

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Tim Hooper revisits his 48″ Sportster and creates a bigger broom with the ability to really cleanup the flying field.
Model Type: Sport Aerobat
Designed by: Tim Hooper
Wingspan: 60″
Fuselage Length: 48″
Wing Area: 595
All up weight: 5lb 13oz
Wing loading: 22.5oz/ sq. ft
Aerofoil: E207 (Modified)
Functions (Servos): Rudder (1); elevator (1); aileron (2); throttle (via ESC)
Power system: 4260 600Kv outrunner; 12 x 8″ propeller; 80 amp ESC, 5s 4000mAh Li-Po

Additional parts avaliable for RC2116: Plan,  CNC wood pack, Additonal woodpack and complete plan pack.


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