Clown Fish


Have fun flying indoors with this easy build, foam ClownFish. With a wingspan of 26″ inches, our fishy friend is slow flying and aerobatic, with lots of poisson-ality!

Full Description

From the fertile mind of Roger Traynor comes this delightful XX” foam fun flyer. Primarily designed for indoor flying, it can also be flown outdoors in calm conditions. Built mainly from 3 mm Depron foam, the prototypes used an A2812-14 1600Kv motor, a 10A ESC, powered with a 300MAh 2S 7.4v LiPo, driving a GWS 8 x 3.5 orange slowfly propeller Flying weight is just 147 grams.

Finspan: 26″ (660 mm)
Length: 28.5″ (730 mm)
Weight: 147 g
4 (throttle, elevator, aileron, rudder)


  • Designer: Roger Traynor
  • Wingspan: 26″ (660 mm)
  • Power Source: Electric Propeller


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