Colour for Quilters Patchwork and Quilting DVD


Join internationally renowned quilter Christine Porter as she leads you through the steps to great colour choices and beautiful quilts.

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Do you stand back from your quilt and think, “somehow it looks boring”? Do you have problems knowing what goes with what? Do you look at the colour wheel and then give up because your fabric has patterns on it and doesn’t look like any of these colours? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then Christine’s programme is for you!

By following Christine’s clear guidance and expert knowledge in this DVD you will:

• Learn how to group your fabrics into colour families
• Learn about value and how to add that zing and zap to your work
• Gain confidence in your colour choice
• Discover how to use colours you never thought possible

Join Christine’s class at one of her favourite quilt shops in Somerset, Midsomer Quilting, and work through some of the colour theory with a beautiful colour wheel (you can download the instructions for how to make the colour wheel by inserting the DVD into your computer). The students in the quilt shop come up with some stunning results as they are given a focus fabric and have to find 8 other fabrics to go with it, and each make a quilt using their fabric choices and variations of the Churn Dash Block. Join in the fun and learn the difference between light, medium and dark values and discover how to seek out that perfect match for your quilt. Christine shows a variety of quilts in the gallery to illustrate how she and her colleagues chose their colour combinations.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced quilter, this DVD will give you a new outlook on your fabric choices and inspire you to make even more beautiful quilts.


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