Compound Vee Engine And Vertical Boiler M83


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Designer: John HainingStar Rating:(ME. Vol.168-169) An all fabricated very powerful compound engine and vertical boiler, capable of powering a saw bench or road vehicle. The engine has HP. cylinder 2-1/4 in. bore, LP. cylinder 3-1/8 in. bore with 3in. stroke.Sheet 1 General arrangement of engine and boiler, details of cast main frame.Sheet 2 Fabricated main frame, crankshaft support bush, flywheel, connecting rods and bearings, crankshaft outer bearing pedestal and brasses, exhaust flange, valve spindle gland, cylinder sectioned to show porting.Sheet 3 Eccentrics, eccentric straps and rods, links, die blocks, quadrant plate and sweeps, drag link, reversing lever, weighshaft and lifting arm, weighshaft lever and bracket, arrangement of reversing lever and drag links, alternative method of driving the links, slide valve and setting diagram.Sheet 4 Cylinder covers, valve chest covers, piston rod glands, chimney base, chimney, ashpan and firebars.Sheet 5 Boiler feed pump details, crankshaft, cylinder mounting diagrams, pistons, piston rods, cross-heads and gudgeon pins.Sheet 6 Boiler details, weld methods, plan of tube nest, boiler bushes, firebox top cover, firebox chute, safety valves, safety valve turret.


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