A 32” span twin-electric pusher-powered sports ‘aerodyne’ for 3-function R/C. Designed by Mike White.

Full Description

Mike White’s popular deltas are made from Depron, and this twin-electric pusher is a quick and easy build. It’s light at just 30 oz and has a wingspan of only 32”. With 3-functions it suits most modern radios. Inexpensive equipment will give it a great flying performance on two 2600 rpm/V motors with 30A ESCs and 6” x 4” props using a 3000 mAh 3S LiPo.

WING SPAN: 32” / 813 mm
LENGTH: 32” / 813 mm
WEIGHT: 30 oz / 840 g
WING AREA: 2.5 sq. ft.


  • Designer: Mike White
  • Wingspan: 32″ / 813 mm
  • Power Source: Electric Propeller


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