D.O.G.S Airshow 2005 The 10th Annual 2005 Dayton Ohio Giant Scalers


The Dayton Ohio Giant Scale Fly-In is held every year at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base National Museum of the United States Air Force.
Run Time: 103 Minutes

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This museum contains the largest collection of military aircraft in the world. The D.O.G.S. Air Show attracts modelers and spectators every year from all over the country. Featured pilots include Marty Flora who brought along his P-47 Razorback, Buddy Hale tore through the skies with a Pitts Model 12 and Robert Bush took to the skies with his incredible F4u Corsair. We also have inflight footage from Greg Hahn’s C47a – Deploying Paratroopers! Lots of awesome demos to round the show off including Jets, Helicopters, the Torque Roll contest and Warbirds.


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