Dark Class MGB


These craft were 71’ 8” loa, 19’ 5” wide and drew 6’ 1” dry. Weight, depending on load, was from 50-64 tons. They were the first RN fast patrol boats to be fitted with diesel engines using two Napier Deltic diesels, (actually locomotive engines) delivering 5000shp and giving the craft a speed of 47knots. They were fitted out in various ways as MTBs, MGBs, or minelayers and were produced for several foreign navies as well as the RN.

Full Description

Two sheet plans for a working model of a late 1950’s Motor Gun Boat. At 1:24 scale builds into a model measuring 915 mm long by 245mm beam. Full side and plan elevations are shown on the plans with details of armaments and deck fittings for this twin screw model.
SCALE: 1:24BEAM: 245mm (9.5 inches)LENGTH: 915 mm (36 inches)MOTOR : 2 x GraupnerBATTERY: 3300mAh 8.4 NiMHRADIO FUNCTIONS: 2 channelPROP SHAFT 12”Stainless SteelBATTERY: 3300mAh 8.4 NiMH


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