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Detailing & Painting – Vol 2 – Model Aircraft Scale Detailing DVD – By Dave Platt


Techniques Part 2
He carefully explains the color wheel and primary colors; then in a first-ever real demo shows how to mix paint so it matches camouflage color chips. While actually spraying these colors he reveals important spray gun techniques.

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Making ‘Scale White’ and ‘Scale Black’ colors are part of Dave’s principles on ‘Pre-antiquing’. Letters, numbers, badges and insignia … not decals … see how! Tips on masking tape, litho plate, a circle cutter and Platt’s Laws’ of scale are more items that can make Detailing and Painting your scale model easier. Most of this Scale Master’s finishing secrets are available here put up your feet, lean back, and Enjoy! ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. Color chips Catalyst & thinner mixing The ‘color wheel’ and primary colors A ‘real demo’ on mixing colors to match chips Mixing sand and green camouflage colors Lots of mixing tips What’s ‘scale white’ and ‘scale black’? ‘Pre-antiquing’ … a head start on ‘Weathering’ Spraying ‘base’ and ‘green’ camouflages Doing ‘narrow outline’ letters and numbers Using tracing paper to create images ‘Platt’s Laws’ of scale Squadron badges Litho plate? Wing insignia Masking tape tips Ready for weathering Finally weathered


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