Detailing & Painting – Vol 3 – Model Aircraft Scale Detailing DVD – By Dave Platt


Volume 3. The least understood aspect of scale modeling lies in the weathering process. A skillful treatment can elevate an already beautiful model to an art form. But beware, an amateurish job only does damage. So … how is it done?

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In this hundred minute videotape, the world’s acknowledged master of the craft, at last, tells all. Dave explains, stage by stage how you can enhance your scale efforts and avoid the pitfalls that lie in wait. The materials, methods and techniques demonstrated on this tape are the result of Dave’s 30-plus years of continuing experience and experimentation. ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. History of weathering Pre-antiquing the colors Color Perspective explained “Scale White” and “Scale Black” Steel wool techniques Color washes Use of the airbrush How to do wing-walks Matching the model to the docs-book Exhaust burns Weathering propellers “Rub’n’Buff” for 3D effects Stencils


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