DH.98 Mosquito (36.5″) – Additional Wood Pack


Additional to the CNC Wood Pack CNCRC2084, this pack contains the remaining sheet / strip wood necessary to build the DH.98 Mosquito (RC2084).

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DH.98 Mosquito (36.5″)

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Additional to the CNC Wood Pack CNCRC2084, this pack contains the remaining sheet / strip wood necessary to build the DH.98 Mosquito RC2084.
The Mossie flies like it’s on rails, is manoeuvrable without being twitchy and feels like  it’s three times larger than it really is.
Model type: Scale fighter-bomber Designed by: Robert J. Caso Wingspan: 36.5″ (927mm) Wing area: 1.8 sq. ft. (0.16sq. m) All-up weight: 2 lb 7oz (1.1kg) Wing loading: 22oz / sq. ft. (6.7kg / sq. m) C of G: 2.6″ (66mm) behind the l.e. at the wing mounting point Functions (servos): Aileron (1); elevator (1); rudder (1); flap (1); retracts (1); throttle (via ESC) Powertrain: Two Himax 2812-1080 brushless outrunners; two 8 x 6″ props with 38mm spinners; two 3s 1350mAh Li-Pos; two 18A ESCs
Please note that all CNC and additional woodpacks are cut to order and as such we are unable to accept returns unless they are found to be faulty.


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