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De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth (88″) – Short Kit (Set)

Short Kit (Set) includes Plan, Articles, Manual, PETG Windscreen, ABS Cabane Strut Caps, ABS Seats and Oil Tank, FG Wing Tank, FG 3pc Decking, FG Cowl, Tyres and Wheel Hub, DVD+Focus CD, Laser Cut Wood Pack & Additional Wood Pack for this design by Duncan Hutson, a true to 1:4 scale Tiger Moth detailed on 4 huge plan sheets and builds into a top-class model when using the accessories available.


Short Kit (Set) Saving: 10%Usual Price: £603 (when purchasing component parts individually)
Made to order


  • Designer: Duncan Hutson
  • Scale: 1:4 (3″ to 1 ft)
  • Wingspan: 88″ / 2.230 m
  • Power Source: .1.20-1.80 4-stroke
  • Length: 71″ / 1805 mm
  • Weight: 7kg / 15 lb / 12 oz
  • Radio Functions: 4

Full Description

This exclusive design builds into a top-class model when using the accessories available. Additional items can be added to make it an F4C competition class-winning model. Designed by world-class designer Duncan Hutson the plan comprises of four very large sheets detailing actual size formers and rib shapes. A detailed build manual and the 20 page (A4) magazine build articles also come with the Plan or Short Kit (Set).

High-quality lightweight, woven cloth glass fibre and plastic moulded accessories are available along with an excellent wheel hub and tyre set, precision-cut wood pack & additional wood pack. Duncan Hutson Kits were renowned amongst scale modellers, and we are especially pleased to announce that his popular scale set has been acquired by RC Model World for inclusion in the plans range. Please note that additional parts will need to be purchased in order to complete the model.

This long-term build project will be rewarded with a world-class scale model. Construction is mainly from balsa and plywood with some moulded parts. Some basic metal-working skills are required.

This model will take considerable time to build but builds very well if you have everything to hand from the start. The end product will have a lot of personal input and when complete there is an immense feeling of satisfaction. Don’t forget the pilot!

The flight of our prototype:- Amid the bleak wet and windy winter, a crisp frosty bright day dawned and all was ready. The Laser fired up easily and throttled well, so after a quick range check, test pilot Steve Holland opened up and the model took to the air at about two-thirds throttle. Great! It took a circuit to trim out, a little right rudder and aileron and it settled well. Loops were fine, low passes a real treat on low throttle and a Holland speciality, the sideslip, looked amazing, as did the low inverted pass! Once down and re-fuelled I took it off and had a lovely flight with touch and go, and loop included. Landing it was surprisingly easy with no tendency to nose over. Stalling was a gentle affair and the overall impression was that this was a fine performer that really looks the part. (Text from Articles)

Warning – This model is a big and accurate scale model for very experienced builders. As such there are some areas which are left without construction details, it’s left to the builder to decide how they do it. The fuselage top decks have no wood mentioned on the plan so is not included as we have FG parts available.

The full size: The de Havilland DH 82A Tiger Moth is a 1930s biplane designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and was operated by the Royal Air Force and others as a primary trainer. The Tiger Moth remained in service with the RAF until 1952 when many of the surplus aircraft entered civil operation. Many other nations used the Tiger Moth both in military and civil applications and the ubiquitous little trainer is still in great demand worldwide as a recreational aircraft.

What’s in a Short Kit?

A short kit usually contains, where available, the plan, the laser/CNC cut wood pack, additional wood pack, canopy, cowl or any other available Glass Fibre or plastic moulded items.

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