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Doris LO72


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Designer: LBSCStar Rating:A 3-½ in gauge 4-6-0 locomotive and tender. (Vols. 98-101). Based on the famous LMS. Stanier class 5MT this model has outside piston-valve cylinders and Walschaerts valve gear.Sheet 1 General arrangement, frames, buffer beams, bogie bolster, pump stay, etc.Sheet 2 Driving and bogie wheels, axles, bogie details, mechanical pump, horns, etc.Sheet 3 Piston valve and cylinder details, mechanical lubricator.Sheet 4 Valve gear arrangement and reverser.Sheet 5 Boiler details, etc.Sheet 6 Regulator arrangement, superheater and main stream pipe arrangement, grate and ashpan, lubricator, check valve and pipe arrangement.Sheet 7 Backhead arrangement, injector, whistle valve, bypass valve, top feed fitting, delivery clack, snifting valve, injector steam valve, water gauge.Sheet 8 Running boards, cab steps, etc.Sheet 9 Tender arrangement, and tender frames, etc.Sheet 10 Tender details.Complete set of 10 sheets.


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